Relate    Transform    Resolve

Our Model


The Voices Model emerged from a commitment to give people a voice in decisions that impact them.

Think of the voices model as communication with a purpose. Whether you are struggling through a dispute, preparing for change, or looking to equip yourselves and others to manage difference, engaging different voices can get you to where you need to go. Our job is to guide our clients along this path.

  • We first work with our clients to understand what they value, in relation to this issue and in general.
  • We then hear from them about the outcome that they hope to achieve and strategize about how to make the most of the opportunity to get there.
  • We then elicit ideas from all parties about how to move forward.
  • Next, we facilitate collaboration amongst the parties to translate ideas into responsive and jointly agreeable changes and solutions.
  • Next, we examine with the parties what needs to happen, and who needs to be empowered to translate their ideas and solutions – their voices - into action.
  • Finally, we explore with the parties how to ensure sustainability of the outcome over the long term. While the immediate goal through this process is to position parties to relate to each other, to transform their negative dynamic, and to resolve this conflict, the long-term goal is to better equip parties to anticipate and prevent conflict in the future.